Intern Program


Christus Victor’s youth saying farewell to our 2011 intern, Joe. The goodbye was sweet, and satisfying.

When you walk into our church building for worship, one of the first things to catch your eye will be our Wall of Interns–portraits of the 17 men and women who have served as our pastoral interns!  We have been blessed by the unique gifts and talents of each of our interns, and cherish our role as a teaching congregation.

Our interns come to us as third-year Master of Divinity students from an ELCA seminary.  During their year with us, they experience as many aspects of pastoral ministry as they can.  Our interns lead worship, preach, visit our shut-ins, provide hospital visitation, lead Bible studies, and enrich our community life in countless other ways!  We are so proud of our interns!

Here are the name of our interns, and where they are today:

1997: Brian Eiss.  Pastor of St. Paul’s Church in Corry, PA.

1998: A.J. Domines.  Pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elizabethtown, PA.

1999:  Mark Olsen.  ELCA – Fund for Leaders.

2000:  Kimberly Weitzel Nunberg.  Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Burkittsville, MD.

2001:  Andrew Simon.  Pastor of St. James Lutheran Church in Barrington, RI.

2002:  Kris Brown.  Lion Contracting, LLC.
Vickie Sickles Brown.  Pastor of Arbogast Lutheran Church & Leininger Lutheran Church, PA.

2004:  Zach Labagh.  Pastor of St. John’s and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Canajoharie, NY.

2005:  Nathan Pile.  Pastor and Director of Sequanota Lutheran Camp in Spring Mills, PA.

2006:  Lisa Flinn Buchanan.  Pastor and Bereavement Coordinator for Essentia Health Itasca Hospice in Grand Rapids, MN.

2007:  Josh Semovoski.  Pastor of  King of Kings Lutheran Church in Middletown, NJ.

2008:  Sarah Teichmann.  Pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Cjurch, Lancaster, PA

8 of our 13 interns returned to help celebrate Pastor Tom's 25th anniversary of ordination!

8 of our 13 interns returned to help celebrate Pastor Tom’s 25th anniversary of ordination!

2009:  Johanna (Johnson) Rehbaum.  Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and St. Martin Lutheran Church in Rochester, NY.

2010:  Joe Murdy.  Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church in Coreopolois, PA.

2011:   Jessica (Maske) Kingsborough.  Pastor of Faith United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nescopeck, PA.

2012:  Chad Fair.  Pastor of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Gainesville, FL.

2013:  Victoria Larson.  Pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Steelton, PA.

2014:  Adam Buff.  Associate Pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Largo, FL.

2015: Justin Lingenfelter. Pastor of United in Christ Lutheran Church, West Milton, PA.

2016: Pamela O’Donnell. Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, IA.

2017: Laura Dunklin: Current Intern at Christus Victor Lutheran Church.