Serving the World

World ChurchELCA Relief and Development

Through our membership in the ELCA, we are able to participate in denomination-wide projects for global service.

For example, once a year we hold a “No Bake Sunday,” where instead of launching a full-on bake sale, members are invited to simply donate what they’d pay for a homemade baked treat.  The collection goes to ELCA World Hunger.

Click here for more information about other ministries we support through the ELCA.

Companion Synods

Christus Victor linked to the global Lutheran family through our membership within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The ELCA Companion Synod Program connects 65 ELCA synods in over 120 international companion relationships.

Through these companion relationships, members of ELCA synods live out our calling toward mission alongside the rich gifts and witness of Lutheran churches in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, or the Middle East.

Our Florida-Bahamas Companion Synods are:

  • Haiti (Lutheran World Relief project)
  • Jamaica (United Theological College of the West Indies)
  • Lutheran Church in Guyana
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cuba


Special Collections

From time to time, Christus Victor Lutheran Church is led, whether through special occasions or connections within the congregation, to other opportunities to support mission globally.  Often, we learn as a congregation about such opportunities through Temple Talks before Sunday worship, and collect special offerings for these causes as part of our worship.  Recent special offering recipients have included Augusta Victoria Hospital, a Lutheran hospital in Jerusalem, and Hydrating Humanity, an organization that seeks to alleviate the water crisis in Africa.