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At Christus Victor Lutheran Church, we celebrate the abundant and varied ways in which God has blessed us as we share our time, our talents, and our treasures. Below you’ll find information about electronic giving.  Be sure to also check out our Serve page for just a few of the opportunities to share time and talents at CVLC!


How to Give Online

Simply Giving is an easy-to-use plan for giving to Christ’s ministries at CVLC.  With Simply Giving, you provide some financial information to the church.  Afterwards, your donations are withdrawn from your bank account automatically.  You no longer have to remember to bring your check book to church!

You choose:

  • how much you give.
  • how often you give.
  • how your gift is used.

You can change those choices at any time, and even put your giving on hold if you hit a financial “rough patch.”

Simply Giving is administered by Vanco, a partner of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

How to Enroll

To sign up for Simply Giving click – online.  You will be able to make changes to your account at any time by returning to that page and logging into your profile.


I’m already enrolled.  Can I now access my account online?

Yes. You can make changes to your account online by clicking the link above.  Before this will work, however, you need to contact Dawn in the church office, explain that you want to access Simply Giving online, and give her your email address.  She will then enable your current paper-based account to be accessed through the Internet.

Does Christus Victor gets charged a transaction fee when I use my credit card?

Yes, we incur a fee of about 3%.  We see this as a worthwhile cost for the convenience, consistency of income, and the intentional nature of giving that Simply Giving makes possible.

Can I offset the transaction fee?

Yes!  You can do so by checking a box when you set up your donation. For example: say you would like to give $100, and offset the transaction fee.  Your donation would increase to $103.  CVLC would receive $100.  Your giving history would reflect a $103 donation.

Electronic giving vs. pew envelopes: is one better than the other?

No.  The best way of giving is the one that helps you most faithfully practice financial stewardship.

CVLC Endowment Fund Committee

The Endowment fund was approved by the Church Council to become a part of CVLC.  The fund was set up many years ago to provide money to a ministry not covered by the church budget. The money would come from the earnings from investments set aside in a fund. This fund was to keep money until it would reach $50,000. We have reached that sum two years ago and for this second year we have distributed $3,400 to six ministries not covered by the 2016 budget. (2015 was $2,800 to five ministries). In order for the fund to continue this practice we need to keep the funds principle growing.  If you desire to give a sum of money to CVLC we would like you to consider the Endowment Fund as your choice.

The following are different ways you could use to make contributions to the Endowment Fund:

  • Give cash
  • Make the Fund part of your will.
  • Give stock and or bonds. If you do this, you can take the current value as a tax deduction.
  • Direct a (mandatory) IRA distribution to the CVLC Endowment Fund, and avoid taxes on the distribution.
  • Life Insurance on your life can be given to the fund (transfer ownership to CVLC) and the annual premium you pay can be taken as a tax deduction.
  • You can change the beneficiary on a current Life Insurance to the Endowment Fund and any additional premium paid can be taken as a tax deduction

If anyone desires to use one of the above, you can call the church and they will know who you should talk to about it.

 Christus Victor Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Board